LANSING – Following the Governor’s announcement of his proposed budget last week, State RepresentativeAlberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) today called for an effort to better serve Michigan residents, particularly those in need. The Governor’s presentation represents the first step in the budget process as now committees in both the House of Representatives and Senate must work on the individual budgets that make up the entire state budget.

“In presenting this proposal, the Governor used the phrase ‘simple, fair and efficient,’” Tinsley-Talabi said. “While past budgets have been complex, they did address issues facing our most vulnerable citizens: seniors, children, and the working poor. I am very concerned that the budget proposed by Governor Snyder will fail to protect these vulnerable citizens. The proposed budget includes several cuts or reductions that threaten these families.”

The budget includes a $470 per pupil cut to School Aid funding, which Tinsley-Talabi said will devastate schools in Detroit that are already working with limited funding. She also opposes eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit, which will mean working families will no longer be able to use the credit to pay for basic household necessities such as utilities, clothing and food.

The Detroit lawmaker also pointed out that the Governor’s plan to tax pensions could force our seniors, many of whom live alone or in our senior centers, to do without some of life’s necessities that others take for granted.Tinsley-Talabi expressed frustration that the Legislature is focusing on issues like the Emergency Financial Manager legislation without discussing other pressing issues such as the continuing home foreclosure crisis, unemployment and reduction of our workers’ wages and benefits.

“I understand the Governor’s feeling that we must have a workable budget for Michigan,” Tinsley-Talabi said. “I agree that tough decisions need to be made. Nevertheless, we must protect those who are unable to protect themselves. As your State Representative, I will continue to monitor this legislation and work to do everything possible to ensure that the needs of our community are addressed.”