MADISON HEIGHTS – Approximately 150 people, many of whom slammed the Governor’s plan to cut school funding, attended a “Fight School Cuts” Task Force meeting hosted by State Representative Jim Townsend(D-Royal Oak) on Wednesday in Madison Heights. Townsend hosted the event so residents could express their input and ideas about the proposed cuts to school funding.

“These proposed cuts would have a devastating impact on our children’s education and people spoke up loud and clear that they don’t support them,” Townsend said. “I’m going to take these concerns with me back to Lansing and fight to support schools so we can put Michigan back on track. Quality schools are too important to our economic resurgence to allow these deep cuts to education funding. States that are adding jobs and thriving economically have a highly trained workforce – we can’t ignore the integral role good schools play in that process.”

Townsend was joined by the Democratic Vice Chair of the House Appropriations School Aid Subcommittee and State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton (D-Huntington Woods). The lawmakers discussed how the Governor’s budget proposal will affect Michigan schools and our children and answered questions from members of the community. The event was held in the Madison High School Auditorium.

“School funding is one of the most important issues that our state faces, and these cuts have the potential to turn Michigan in a negative direction,” said Gary Meier, President of the Middle Cities Education Association, who served on the task force accepting comments from residents. “I believe the support of those who attended this meeting is indicative of education being at the core of our state and our future. I was proud that people attended to make their feelings known and hope others follow the lead of what we witnessed at this meeting.”