House Democrats recently introduced a package of bills to reform government by requiring elected officials to be more open about their finances and about the actions they take as our elected officials. These bills were introduced during Sunshine Week, March 15-21, which is the annual celebration of giving us greater access to public information.

The Michigan Government Reform and Accountability Plan will:

  • Require personal financial disclosure of elected officials and top officials in the administration in order to prevent conflicts of interests such as steering state contracts to family members or campaign donors.
  • Prohibit legislators from becoming lobbyists for two years after leaving office. 
  • Expand the Freedom of Information Act to include the governor’s office and the Legislature.
  • Prohibit the awarding of a state contract worth more than $100,000 to anyone who makes a contribution to officials who award those contracts.

Passing these bills will help ensure that elected officials are doing what is right and not focusing on doing what they believe will get them their next job.


Learn more about this package of bills: