LANSING, Mich., Oct. 3, 2023 — Earlier today, House Bills 498386 passed out of the House Elections Committee by a vote of 6-2, clearing the way for a vote by the full chamber in the coming days.

The legislation would make significant improvements to Michigan’s automatic voter registration system, expanding the list of agencies that provide the service beyond just Secretary of State branch offices, and streamlining the process at participating locations. It would also work hand-in-glove with an existing House-passed measure to enable pre-registration for eligible Michigan voters starting at age 16, with their registrations becoming active when they come of age.

“This bill is a necessary part of ensuring Michigan’s elections stay secure, efficient and accessible to all eligible voters who wish to participate,” said state Rep. Penelope Tsernoglou (D-East Lansing), chair of the House Elections Committee. “It will increase the accuracy of the voter file, reduce wait times at state agencies, and offer simple and streamlined voter registration services for hundreds of thousands of eligible Michiganders who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. I am grateful for my colleagues’ support and look forward to a full vote by the Michigan House in the coming days.”

Under this bill, tribal governments that wish to participate would have access to secure automatic voter registration services, along with Michigan Medicaid agencies and the Michigan Department of Corrections. The bill also allows the Secretary of State to designate additional agencies in the future, so long as they already process the information necessary to verify voting eligibility.