LANSING, Mich., Aug. 18, 2021 — State Rep. Regina Weiss (D-Oak Park) recently introduced House Bill 5270 to provide $200 million to school districts for declining enrollment — enabling districts experiencing student loss this year to stabilize their budgets.

“As more students have moved to homeschool or online instruction because of the pandemic, school districts across the state are receiving less state funding and struggling to keep needed resources for our students,” Weiss said. “Our schools are at the heart of our community. This bill will give districts the funding they need to offset and support their budgets and ensure adequate staffing levels so that our educators and students have everything they need to succeed.”

HB 5270 reinstates the funding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer originally proposed for schools with declining enrollment as part of the education budget plan and was referred to the House Committee on Education, where it currently awaits a hearing.