LANSING, Mich., Sept. 24, 2021 — The Michigan House of Representatives passed a budget that includes historic investments in the economy, education, child care and infrastructure. State Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) issued the following statement: 

“I support this budget because it provides our community with the resources it needs to prosper. I was able to secure $500,000 for maintenance and repairs to the Detroit Public Library, helping to ensure its standing as a valuable resource in the community. I also obtained $78,000 for Barton McFarland Elementary School for lighting, repairs and a new community garden. Our Pride Area Community Council and District 9 Block Clubs will receive $60,000. I’m proud to vote yes on a budget that makes education, children, seniors and other vulnerable members of our community top priorities. This budget is a step in the right direction toward giving Detroit the respect it deserves.”