LANSING, Mich., May 12 2023 — State Rep. Jimmie Wilson, Jr. (D-Ypsilanti) issued the following statement after voting for the fiscal 2023-24 budget on Wednesday. Wilson, Jr. is part of a total of four Appropriations subcommittees and serves as chair of the Judiciary Appropriations Subcommittee. The house voted out the most comprehensive budget in Michigan history yesterday, with significant investments in education, workforce sustainability, public safety and infrastructure.

“This year’s House budget proves our dedication to Michiganders of every walk of life after decades of spending cuts and intentional disinvestment. The months of work that went into developing this historic budget meant every dollar was allocated intentionally, and I’m proud to have had a role in that.

“I want to touch on the Judiciary budget in particular. I’m most proud of our recommended funding for our problem-solving courts and, specifically, the mental health courts. As a cohesive unit, the Judiciary Appropriations Subcommittee worked diligently to ensure we addressed the needs and provided for the expansion of our people oriented problem-solving courts, and I’m grateful to have seen the budget pass the House yesterday.”

The House Judiciary Budget Includes: 

  • Increased investment to expand Michigan’s problem-solving mental health courts.
  • Funding to implement a key recommendation from the MI Juvenile Justice Taskforce to create a Juvenile Justice Services Division within the State Court Administrative Office.
  • Funding allocated to the State Appellate Defender’s Office to assist with resentencing juvenile lifers.
  • Increased funds for the Judicial Tenure Commission to assist in eliminating the growing backlogs.