LANSING — Resolutions introduced by state Reps. Robert Wittenberg (D-Oak Park), Terry J. Sabo (D-Muskegon) and Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) call on Congress to continue full funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the National Sea Grant Program. President Donald Trump has recommended cutting all funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The resolutions are being introduced on World Water Day.

“Michigan, more than any other state, understands the importance of protecting clean water. We are surrounded by the Great Lakes, and we rely on them for jobs and recreation,” Rep. Sabo said. “Two weeks ago, I amended a resolution to call on Congress and President Trump to combat invasive species in the Great Lakes, and I was grateful that our Republican colleagues agreed. I’m hoping our friends across the aisle will act again to save the Great Lakes that we all depend upon.”

Rep. Sabo is the sponsor of a House resolution asking Congress to keep full funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Rep. Wittenberg is the sponsor of a similar House Concurrent Resolution.

“Michiganders know all too well the devastating effects of unclean water, from pollution of the Great Lakes and inland waters to the tragedy of the Flint water crisis,” Rep. Wittenberg said. “Having clean water is not optional — our health and our economic well-being depend on it. It is an issue that cuts across party lines, which is why clean water funding should receive bipartisan support. I hope Democrats and Republicans can work together to protect our water.”

Rep. Camilleri’s resolution also recognizes the National Sea Grant Program as a long-standing initiative deserving protection from funding cuts. With programs in Michigan and 29 other states, the Sea Grant network has worked to grow the Great Lakes’ and coastal economies. In addition to funding research at top Michigan universities, the program has worked on projects across the state, including installing beach safety signs, improving seafood safety and promoting local seafood, and updating boating facilities.

“The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Sea Grant Program have made important contributions to communities across Michigan,” Rep. Camilleri said. “Continuing funding for these programs is critical to protecting our public health, growing our economy and raising the quality of life for folks Downriver and across the state.”