LANSING — State Rep. Angela Witwer (Delta Township) announced today that 11th grade English teacher Jodie Boehlke of Waverly High School is the winner of her Teacher of the Month Award for May. Each month, Rep. Witwer will announce the winner of this award in an effort to recognize excellence in education in the 71st House District.

“I am honored to be able to recognize such an outstanding educator with this award, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week,” said Witwer. “Our teachers deserve to be celebrated for the important role they play in our communities.”

The following are testimonials from a few of the students who nominated Mrs. Boehlke:

“Mrs. Boehlke is probably one of the best teachers I have come across. I’ve had her almost all of my high school career and she’s done so much for me, as well as her other students. She’s kind and always there if you ever need someone to talk to. She’s such a hard working teacher and I respect her in many ways.”

“Mrs. Boehlke goes above and beyond for her students, whether it’s by giving money to those who need it or giving them food. She makes English class so much better, and that’ll be something I’ll always remember. I believe she should be recognized because she does so much for her students that people don’t even realize.”

“Mrs. Boehlke is very respectful, smart and caring. She is understanding of people and can relate to anyone very easily.”

As part of the award process, Witwer is inviting community residents to nominate teachers they believe deserve to be celebrated as the community’s “Teacher of the Month”. To ensure nominees fall within district lines, please click here to review school addresses. Nominations can be submitted here or by visiting the link on Rep. Witwer’s Facebook profile.