LANSING, Mich., Dec. 10, 2021 — Earlier this week, the Michigan House passed a bill package, HB 56025604, which would create the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve Fund, the Michigan Strategic Site Readiness Program and the Critical Industry Fund. Together, this legislation would attract business development, especially in manufacturing, through investments in infrastructure, renovations to pre-existing buildings and pollution cleanup. State Rep. Angela Witwer (Delta Township) issued the following statement in support of the package:

“This bipartisan legislation fulfills a promise to voters. When we were elected, our voters cared, above all, about the wellbeing of their families. This starts with being able to put food on the table. It’s really that simple. We are funding programs that will bring more manufacturing plants to Michigan. With more manufacturing comes more well-paying jobs that give workers a sense of dignity. These are jobs that any Michigander would be proud to take. This legislation will impact my constituents’ bottom lines. I am proud to support it.”