LANSING, Mich., Feb. 9, 2022 — Today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer unveiled her priorities for the fiscal year 2023 state budget. In a presentation to both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, Budget Director Chris Harkins outlined the governor’s plans on a number of critical issues. The governor continued to stress much-needed investments in our educational system and critical infrastructure across the state. In response, state Rep. Angela Witwer (Delta Township) issued the following statement:

“The governor has laid out a set of priorities that every Michigander can get behind, whether they’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent. I stand behind her efforts to support our educators and ensure our schools stay open. I’m proud that she’s putting millions toward the Office of Rural Development, which I know will help Delta Township thrive. Finally, she’s ensuring our safety by making sure our police officers have the resources they need. I support the governor’s vision for Michigan.”