LANSING, Mich., July 21, 2020 — State Rep. Angela Witwer (Delta Township) recently sent a letter to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) encouraging that they begin construction on stretches of M-78 in Bellevue earlier than initially planned. MDOT announced recently that they have agreed to do so.

“The road conditions along these portions of M-78 have been abysmal for quite some time,” said Witwer. “Over the past few months, I’ve heard a number of residents rightfully voice their complaints, so I’m very excited that we were able to get this done. This project will ensure greater safety and convenience for the people of Bellevue, and will help alleviate the economic burden these road conditions have had on businesses in the downtown area.”

MDOT will combine two projects with a total budget of $715,000 for the improvements. The majority of that budget will be spent on the shoulders between I-69 and downtown Bellevue, addressing a safety issue. That stretch of M-78 has a significant drop off from the concrete travel lane to the once-paved gravel shoulder, making it unsafe if a car was to leave the roadway. For downtown Bellevue north of the railroad tracks, MDOT will be removing the top of pavement and replacing it with new asphalt. The intent of this paving project is to improve ride quality for the next few years while other opportunities to fund a longer term fix are explored.

“You didn’t come here with just words,” said Doyle Dingman, Bellevue Township Trustee. “You worked and delivered for Bellevue.”

Construction is tentatively set to begin in late August, and to finish in late September or early October.