LANSING – State Representative Andy Schor (D-Lansing) voted no today on House Resolutions 139 and 141, which sought to expel Representatives Todd Courser (R-Lapeer) and Cindy Gamrat (R-Plainwell) from the Michigan House of Representatives. In a personal statement released on the representative’s Facebook page, Schor expanded on his reasoning, and the careful, extensive thought process behind it.

“My decision is not an emotional one,” Rep. Schor wrote. “Emotionally, I hate what they did and hate that they cast Michigan in such a bad light nationally. They made public servants and politicians look bad. But I am being asked to vote to expel two people and I will make a decision based on the information brought to us.”

Though referencing the many issues which he and other Democrats had with the Select Committee to Examine the Qualifications of Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser – including the striking of significant testimony, and the refusal to call necessary witnesses – Schor spoke at length about the potential justifications for expulsion, and how he believed that Gamrat and Courser, while unquestionably at fault, should be investigated and tried by other authorities — the  Michigan judicial system, and their constituents.

“I hope that there is an investigation by the Attorney General or State Police or Secretary of State or Ingham County Prosecutor,” Rep. Schor said. “It has been argued that the people of these two legislative districts want these members removed. But we have the recall process for that exact reason.”

Rep. Schor continued, speaking with concern about the severity of the measure.

“The Constitution allows us to expel our own members if 2/3 of the body agree to it. It gives us no conditions or limitations,” Rep. Schor said. “This has only been done three times before in the history of the House of Representatives, and once in the Senate. Each time, the legislator was facing criminal charges. It is and should be rare, and law enforcement should be involved.”