LANSING, Mich., Nov. 23, 2021 — On Monday, Attorney General Dana Nessel released an official legal opinion that the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission should not have gone into a closed-door session last month. On Oct. 27, the commission held a private meeting in violation of the law. Government leaders and community activists have criticized the commission for its closed-door meeting and have demanded more transparency. In response to the attorney general’s announcement, Tenisha Yancey (D-Harper Woods) issued the following statement:

“I applaud the attorney general for admonishing the commission for its closed-door meeting. The commission acted in an unconstitutional manner and cannot be allowed to make the same mistake in the future. Michiganders across our state deserve to know what is being discussed and how it will impact them. I call on the commission to release the transcript, notes and any other materials from its private meeting. As the commission gets closer to approving the official electoral maps for the next decade, we have a right to know what was being discussed.”




State Rep. Tenisha Yancey
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