LANSING – State Representative Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) saw his first bill, allowing for the consolidation of precincts in the upcoming May special election, approved by the House of Representatives today. House Bill 4068 would help trim administrative costs communities and the state incur in an election. The bill now goes to the Senate for approval.

 “I am pleased that my House colleagues agreed with me that we need to run efficient special elections that allow residents to participate in their democracy while saving money for state and local government,” said Yanez.

 Current law prohibits consolidating precincts for a general November election, a primary election immediately before a general November election, a statewide election or a federal election. HB 4068 would allow communities to consolidate precincts for a statewide election in certain instances, such as the upcoming May special statewide election. When deciding to consolidate election precincts, an election commission would have to consider the number of choices a voter must make, the percentage of registered voters who voted at the last similar election in the jurisdiction and the intensity of interest of the electors concerning candidates and proposals to be voted on. Consolidated precincts cannot exceed 5,000 active registered voters.

 “We have to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and I am glad that my first bill to win House approval achieves that,” said Yanez. “I appreciate the overwhelming bipartisan support HB 4068 saw in the House today. I look forward to similar support in the Senate so that we can stay on track and have this consolidation in place for the May special election.”