LANSING — State Representative Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) introduced a House resolution today calling on the United States Congress to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. The TPP would govern trade between the U.S. and 11 other nations, including Japan and Mexico but excluding China.  

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is poorly written and will hurt the hardworking families who have suffered enough already here in Michigan under state Republican-backed policies,” Yanez said. “With this trade agreement, we risk losing more jobs, which will devastate Michigan families and our communities.”

Yanez also takes issue with the TPP because it was negotiated in secret, effectively limiting the ability of state and local government officials to influence the agreement to ensure that Michigan workers would benefit from it.

“The TPP was written in secret without input from state and local government officials, who will have to deal with the fallout,” said Yanez. “Like NAFTA and trade agreements of the past, this one will benefit global corporations who don’t have the best interests of Michigan citizens in mind. That’s why I can’t support the TPP, and I encourage the United State Senate to oppose it.”