LANSING — State Rep. Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) introduced legislation today to protect job applicants, assist veterans and penalize companies who take tax deductions when they move their jobs out of Michigan.

“Taking care of our veterans, making sure that we treat job applicants fairly and keeping our good-paying jobs here in Michigan is just common sense, and that is why I will continue to fight to pass these bills and see them signed into law,” said Yanez.

House Bill 4112 would create the “Job Applicant Credit Privacy Act.” The bill would prohibit an employer from either refusing to hire, discipline, or discriminate against an individual based upon their credit history. The bill does not, however, prevent an employer from inquiring about an individual’s credit history if it is relevant to a particular position, such as a position in a casino or financial institution. 

“Employers that perform credit checks are putting Michigan workers in a Catch-22.  Many job seekers are behind on their bills because they don’t have a job, but they can’t get a job because they are behind on their bills,” said Yanez. 

House Bill 4111 would increase the Homestead Property Tax Credit for disabled veterans who rent or lease their homes. The bill aims to provide similar tax relief for veterans, or their surviving spouses, who rent their home as is provided for disabled veterans who own their home and are eligible for a full property tax exemption.

“Veterans and their families have made sacrifices for their fellow citizens and their country, and there is no reason why disabled veterans who rent their homes should not receive the same benefit as a veteran homeowner does,” said Yanez. “Let us honor our veterans by eliminating this double standard.” 

House Bill 4113 would end the practice of allowing businesses using federal income tax deductions for outsourcing expenses to determine their Michigan income tax liability.

“We shouldn’t be giving tax breaks to companies that cut jobs here and send them outside of Michigan,” said Yanez. “Outsourcing means a Michigan citizen loses a job, which hurts everyone in our community. We need to focus on encouraging businesses to relocate here and supporting companies that remain in Michigan that create jobs for our workers.”

“My bills create a much friendlier climate for job applicants and veterans in Michigan,” said Yanez. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass these common-sense bills.”